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Rackspace Application Services for SAP

As the adage goes, if you’re not changing, you’re dying. And while one of the best ways to change is to digitize, that kind of transformation comes with considerable challenges. You need a proven managed IT services provider to help you along your transformation journey. As you seek help with managing your legacy applications or transforming to new, cloud- based SAP applications and technology, Rackspace Application Services for SAP can guide you on your journey, helping you become a digital business faster and with less risk.

Experts Dedicated to Your Success

As the leading hybrid cloud specialist with extensive SAP expertise, Rackspace accelerates the value you get out of your SAP applications, whether they run in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure®, Google Cloud PlatformTM, Rackspace Private Cloud or in your own dedicated environment. Rackspace experts analyze your business operations, then design and implement SAP applications and data that support the ways you want to work. Next, they deploy, manage and optimize those applications and data with the infrastructure that maximizes their effectiveness.

Key Benefits

With a global presence spanning 150 countries, Rackspace gives you access to a large pool of technology talent. Rackspace Application Services for SAP delivers functional and technical capabilities across a global platform to continuously deliver on customer-specific business objectives.

“I had never worked with Rackspace and time was short. We had 70 days to migrate our SAP environment. Other providers told us ‘no, but Rackspace helped us rethink our approach. Their application expertise was refreshing.”



Professional Consulting Services

Rackspace assists customers in selecting the optimum managed solution and service models to meet their business and integration needs.

Professional Consulting Services include:

  • Application modernization
  • Assessments
  • System implementation and integration
  • Migration services
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Managed Application Services

Rackspace managed services are designed to help your organization optimize and generate more value from your SAP application portfolio. Rackspace systems and application integration services, including SAP PI/PO, EDI, MuleSoft® integration and multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the application portfolio life cycle. These services can also help you realize an increased level of interoperability and better return on investment through ongoing maintenance and operations.

Managed Application Services include:

  • Advanced configuration and optimization
  • SAP Basis and functional support
  • Administration, monitoring and maintenance
  • Data services
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Managed Infrastructure Services

Rackspace provides customers with 24x7x365 support for their supported environments, including SAP applications and landscapes. Managed infrastructure services are backed by mature, prioritized ticket management with strict adherence to predefined SLAs for customer contact, callback, event escalations, responses and resolutions.
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Cost and Efficiency

By modernizing your SAP solutions on optimized infrastructure, Rackspace can help lower maintenance costs associated with legacy systems while generating higher levels of efficiency.

Agility and Innovation

By moving toward cloud-native application design, you can create future stability for your products and go to market faster with a focus on creating innovative and differentiated customer experiences.

Resource Optimization

Rackspace will manage your SAP application and infrastructure so you can focus your resources on core business functions.


Rackspace delivers proactive, always-on service and expertise with best-in-class tools and automation to deliver SAP technology when and how you need it.

Deep Expertise in SAP Technology

SAP Certified in Hosting Services
SAP Certified Integration with SAP HANA
SAP Certified Partner Center of Expertise

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